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This product description showcases our single or multi-ribbed roughing and finishing wheels, designed specifically for the grinding of external and internal gears in the automotive and aircraft industries. These wheels are suitable for various applications such as radial, screw, rotor, and worm profiles.

Our wheels are optimized for high-speed grinding of profiles and gears, offering exceptional performance and efficiency. They are also ideal for plunge grinding, abrasive cutting, and cylindrical grinding tasks.

We provide CBN grinding worms, available in both roughing and finishing variations. These cylindrical and globoidal worms are highly efficient in grinding external gears and profiles.

In addition, our product range includes diamond corning rings and gears, which are specifically designed for processing automotive gears for passenger and commercial vehicles. These gears are advanced and low noise, making them suitable for the industry's high standards. Furthermore, our wheels are capable of handling workpieces with interfering geometry, providing versatility in various grinding processes.

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