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bekuplast offers plastic containers in Euro format that are specifically designed for the transport and storage of goods and products. These plastic boxes are known for their stability, durability, and ability to provide optimal protection for the items inside. The Euro format containers have standardized dimensions, making it easy to stack them on Euro pallets (1200 x 800 mm) and industrial pallets (1200 x 1000 mm). This allows for efficient use of space during storage and transportation. The Euroboxes come in different dimensions, allowing for mixing and customization when arranging them on the pallet.

Our Euro-Norm lightline series offers plastic containers in two basic sizes: 400 x 300 mm and 600 x 400 mm. Despite their lightweight, these stacking containers are highly stable and can be used for handling lightweight goods both manually and on automated conveyor systems.

In addition to the standard options, we also provide translucent containers in the EURO-NORM lightline range. This allows users to easily check whether a container is filled or empty, even without opening it. The transparency feature enhances convenience and efficiency in inventory management.

The specific product mentioned here has outer dimensions of 400 x 300 x 220 mm and inner dimensions of 369 x 270 x 218 mm. It has a volume of 20 liters and weighs 770 grams. The sides of the container are closed, with a long flap, and the bottom is closed with a smooth base. The handgrips are closed, allowing for easy handling. The container is made from PP-C (polypropylene copolymer) and is available in a transparent color (028).

For more information or to contact the manufacturer, please refer to the provided contact details of BEKUPLAST GMBH, located in 49824 Ringe, Germany.

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