Concertina Razor Barbed Wire

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CBT-60 is an industry-leading razor wire that provides reliable and effective preventive physical security. Designed specifically for security purposes, this razor wire is a powerful deterrent against unauthorized access. With its strong and durable construction, CBT-60 ensures the utmost protection.

The specifications of CBT-60 are meticulously crafted to meet industry standards. Its blade length measures 60 ± 1 mm, while the blade width is 32 ± 1 mm. The blade space is set at 100 ± 1 mm, ensuring optimal coverage and security.

CBT-60's sheet, which determines the strength and durability of the razor wire, boasts a sheet thickness of 0.50 mm. The sheet is hot-dip galvanized, ensuring enhanced protection against corrosion and longevity. The volume of coating on the sheet is measured at 100 gr/m2, providing a robust barrier against external elements and maintaining its effectiveness over time.

The core wire of CBT-60 is another crucial component of its superior design. It features a wire diameter of 2.50 mm, guaranteeing strength and stability. With a tensile strength of 1600 kg/m2, the core wire provides the necessary support to uphold the razor wire's structural integrity. Similar to the sheet, the core wire is hot-dip galvanized and has a coating volume of 100 gr/m2, safeguarding it against rust and improving its durability.

CBT-60 is the ultimate choice for industries that prioritize physical security. Its precise specifications and robust construction make it an effective solution for securing premises and deterring potential threats. With CBT-60 razor wire, you can trust that your security needs will be met with utmost efficiency and reliability.

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