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Introducing Natural Products with a Specialty Touch for Health-conscious Consumers

Lienig raw materials provide exceptional benefits in the industry of natural products, catering to the growing demand of health-conscious consumers. With a unique offering centered around the topinambur tuber, one of its remarkable applications lies in its use as a sugar substitute.

In an era where authentic foodstuffs are increasingly sought after, having healthy alternatives becomes vitally important. And when these alternatives are locally grown, eliminating the need for imports, and fully align with Germany's stringent quality standards, it becomes even more promising.

In a nutshell, our range of natural products offers a distinctive touch for consumers seeking healthier options. Our diversified product line presents various possibilities for application, including drinks, fruit spreads, juices, yogurt, muesli/cereals, organic natural foods, and food products for infants and children, among others.

Depending on the specific fruit being used, our products are available in different forms such as concentrates/syrups, puree, oil, fruit juices, or similar formulations.

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