Setlans Biofuel wood pellet boiler

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Introducing Setlans Multilos, a wood gasification boiler available in multiple power versions, including 15kW and 22kW. This boiler is equipped with a controller and exhaust fan for enhanced functionality. It adheres to emission and ecological standards like ECODESIGN and 5th Class, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly operation.

The heat exchanger of this boiler is constructed using certified 6mm thick P265GH sheet metal, guaranteeing durability and longevity. We offer a 4-year warranty for the heat exchanger tightness, while the remaining components such as the exhaust fan and controller come with a 2-year warranty.

The Tech controller - 880 PID temperature regulator efficiently manages the water circulation pump, DHW pump, circulation pump or valve, mixing valve, buffer tank, and the fan, ensuring optimal performance.

With its energy class A+ rating and high efficiency, the Setlans Multilos wood gasification boiler enables efficient fuel utilization, resulting in cost savings. The exhaust fan plays a vital role in controlling the smoke removal system, ensuring a clean and simple wood adding process.

To further enhance the burning process efficiency, the amount of secondary and primary air can be adjusted using the built-in levers, providing flexibility and optimal heat output.

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