Injection molded plastic components

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Device Details:

- The device delivers ideal cutting results for precise sample preparation.
- Its ability to provide an exact and reproducible sample thickness ensures improved sample quality.
- The device is suitable for a wide range of materials.
- Its blade is robust and durable, with double wear time and the ability to be used on both sides.
- The rotating speed can be precisely adjusted.
- The operator's influence is minimized by the predefined blade feed.
- The progressive feed allows for fine and manual dosing.

Area of Application:

- The device is designed for sample preparation according to IEC EN 60811 standards.
- It is capable of cutting samples with an outer diameter of up to 65 mm (2.56 inches).
- The device ensures optimal sample preparation before precise analysis on offline cable measurement devices.
- The use of the O-Ring Cutter VC is essential for Quality Management purposes.
- Consistent cut samples enable precise and repeatable measuring results.
- The VC65 complements the measurement devices of the VCP series by providing even and consistently cut samples.
- The compact and lightweight design makes it suitable for laboratories and production environments.

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