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The CSN® type RCVoltage Dividers are industry-leading voltage measurement devices designed specifically for control and protection systems in HVDC links and research institutes. These dividers are known for their proven reliability and high accuracy, making them ideal for critical voltage measurement applications.

The Voltage Dividers are made using metal wire resistor webs that are securely embedded in epoxy resin under vacuum. This construction provides optimal protection against external influences, ensuring the long-term durability and performance of the dividers.

To cater to various installation requirements, the voltage dividers are available in special designs that can be adapted to outdoor or indoor applications. Additionally, the insulation medium used can be easily adjusted to meet the specific needs of the application, whether it is air, N2, or SF6.

What sets our CSN® RCVoltage Dividers apart is their exceptional characteristics. These dividers excel in delivering accurate voltage measurements, ensuring precise control and protection in HVDC systems. Their reliable performance and advanced design make them a go-to choice in the industry.

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