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Introducing our versatile tension and compression load cells, designed specifically for industrial applications requiring accurate force measurement. These load cells are universally compatible, allowing for seamless integration into various setups and systems.

With their flat design, these load cells offer a compact and streamlined solution for force measurement. Despite their slim profile, they boast high stiffness and exceptional resistance to fatigue, ensuring reliable and consistent performance even under demanding conditions.

Built to withstand transverse forces, these load cells are exceptionally durable and can maintain accuracy even when subjected to lateral pressures. This feature ensures precise and reliable force measurement in a variety of industrial environments.

To cater to different mounting requirements, we offer a comprehensive range of mounting accessories for easy installation and integration. Whether you need stainless steel (2960), anodized aluminum alloy (2962), or alloy steel (2965) load cells, we have the right material option to suit your specific needs.

Choose our universal tension and compression load cells for industrial force measurement and experience accurate and reliable results in your applications.

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