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Band saw cutting by automatic machines up to 400x400 mm, L12000 mm:

Our band saw cutting machines are specifically designed for precise and efficient cutting within the industrial sector. With the ability to effortlessly handle materials up to 400x400 mm in size and lengths of up to 12000 mm, our automated band saws offer reliable performance and exceptional accuracy. Whether you're working with metals, plastics, or other materials, our state-of-the-art machines ensure clean and precise cuts, maximizing productivity and minimizing waste. Trust in our band saw cutting solutions to meet the demands of your industry and deliver outstanding results.

Sheet cutting by plasma by CNC machine up to 50x3000x10000:

Introducing our cutting-edge CNC machine equipped with plasma technology, providing impeccable sheet cutting capabilities for various industries. With the ability to cut sheets up to 50x3000x10000 mm in size, our advanced CNC plasma cutter offers unparalleled precision and versatility. This state-of-the-art machine utilizes computer numerical control (CNC) to achieve flawless cuts with minimal operator intervention, significantly reducing production time and costs. From stainless steel to aluminum, our plasma cutting solution delivers highly accurate results, ensuring efficient material utilization and streamlining your fabrication process. Rely on our CNC machine for sheet cutting to surpass industry standards and enhance your productivity.

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