Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis

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Introducing our low-maintenance system designed specifically for the travel industry. With the ability to travel up to 100 mm, this system offers a reliable and efficient solution for various applications.

If you require more extensive travel capabilities, we also offer other sizes and versions that can travel up to 200 m and beyond with our E2 roller e-chains®.

One key feature of this system is the protection it provides against weather and dirt exposure. Its fully enclosed design offers cost-effective, all-in-one protection for your cables and hoses.

The standardized and modular design simplifies installation, whether you prefer a simple wall assembly or optional floor mounting.

Compared to traditional festooning systems, our system offers shorter cable lengths, low-profile installation, and eliminates the need for cable junctions. This ensures that your cables are always guided with a defined bending radius and that any tensile forces are absorbed by the e-chain®.

With our system, you can say goodbye to cable hooking, jamming, and tearing issues as it is designed to prevent such problems.

Additionally, our system eliminates the need for slip ring contacts that are commonly found on motor drums, reducing electricity costs. Its direct drive functionality, coupled with a scraper, eliminates the need for additional drives.

For added convenience, our system allows for easy retrofitting of cables or hoses at any time.

Should you require a scraper arm or a customized solution tailored to your specific needs, our team will document the situation on-site and propose the perfect solution for you.

Invest in our low-maintenance system today and experience the efficiency, reliability, and cost savings it brings to your travel operations.

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