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The NM-GEN membrane nitrogen generators are specifically designed for industries that require a reliable and efficient nitrogen supply. These generators utilize advanced hollow fibre membrane technology to separate nitrogen from other components present in compressed air. By harnessing the principle of selective permeation, the membrane allows nitrogen to pass through its fibres while selectively diffusing oxygen and other gases.

The membrane works based on the characteristic permeation rate of each gas, which is determined by its ability to diffuse through the membrane. Oxygen, being a fast gas, readily diffuses through the membrane wall, while nitrogen is allowed to travel along the inside of the fibre, resulting in a nitrogen-rich product stream.

The oxygen-enriched gas, referred to as permeate, is released from the membrane separator at atmospheric pressure. Meanwhile, the majority of slower gases, along with a negligible amount of fast gases, continue their journey through the fibre until they reach the end of the membrane separator. It is at this point that the high-purity nitrogen gas, produced through the selective permeation process, is piped to the intended application.

In summary, the NM-GEN membrane nitrogen generators are industry-leading solutions for extracting nitrogen from compressed air. By utilizing the innovative hollow fibre membrane technology, these generators ensure a consistent and high-purity nitrogen supply, catering to the specific requirements of various industries.