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We specialize in manufacturing expansion joints that are essential for various industrial sectors. Our expansion joints serve multiple purposes such as absorbing vibrations, reducing noise, and compensating for axial, lateral, or angular movements.

Our expansion joints are available in a wide range of versions and offer numerous options for elastomer variants. The inner diameters of our products range from 25 mm to 1600 mm. We take pride in having testing certificates from well-known testing institutes, ensuring the utmost quality and reliability of our expansion joints.

Our Type I expansion joints feature single or multiple flutes with a rubber/fabric flange. They offer different elastomer qualities and are available in sizes ranging from ND 32 to ND 1600. The standard lengths for these expansion joints are 250 mm, 300 mm, and 350 mm, and they can handle a maximum pressure of 10 bar.

For Type V and Type VII expansion joints, we offer a single wave design with a rubber sealing bead. These expansion joints also come in various elastomer qualities and sizes ranging from ND 32 to ND 600. They have a standard pressure stage of 10 bar, and the Type V version has a standard length of 100 mm while the Type VII version has a standard length of 130 mm.

We also offer coupling expansion joints that feature single or multiple flutes. These expansion joints are available in different elastomer qualities and can accommodate sizes ranging from ND 25 to ND 750. They can be manufactured in any length to handle pressures ranging from -0.8 to +15 bar. Our coupling expansion joints come with a reliable clamping band for added security.

Lastly, we proudly provide rubber-metal pipe expansion joints designed for specific applications. These expansion joints are built to the heating standard DIN 4809 and offer excellent performance in various industrial settings.

With our diverse range of expansion joints, we are confident in meeting the specific needs of different industries and providing durable and efficient solutions for all your expansion joint requirements.