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The LC series coaters are specifically designed for coating tablets in the pharmaceutical industry. Loedige, as one of the leading technological market leaders, offers a range of coaters that ensure efficient and high-quality tablet coating.

These coaters have a maximized tablet bed surface, allowing for a large number of spray nozzles. This enables the application of high liquid volumes with significant air supply volumes in a short period of time. The air routing system in these coaters is newly designed to minimize turbulence, resulting in efficient and gentle use of dryer air.

This innovative design ensures a reliable coating process and reduces process times. Additionally, the low-turbulence air routing system prevents contamination right from the beginning, ultimately reducing the cleaning workload.

The coaters are equipped with modern sensors that optimize the spraying and drying process. This allows for precise control and efficient use of resources. Furthermore, adjusting the nozzle arm is made simple and secure, enhancing the overall handling of the coaters.

Choose the LC series coaters from Loedige for efficient and reliable tablet coating, backed by cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features.

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