Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

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BORSIG specializes in providing cutting-edge emission control membrane technology for various industries including terminals, refineries, marine loading, and petrol stations. Our extensive range of products cater to different needs within these industries. The products we offer include BORSIG Vapour Recovery Units (VRU), designed to efficiently recover vapors and minimize emissions. We also provide BORSIG Aromatic Recovery Units, which are specifically tailored to recover aromatic hydrocarbon compounds. Our BORSIG Carbon Retrofit Units help optimize carbon capture processes, while our BORSIG Marine Vapour Recovery Units ensure efficient vapor recovery in marine environments. Additionally, we offer BORSIG Dock Safety Units to enhance safety measures at docks, and BORSIG Vent Recovery Units designed to recover vent gases. Our comprehensive product range ensures that we can effectively address emission control requirements across various industries.

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