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The outdoor cabinet is a versatile solution designed for a variety of applications within the power, telecommunications, and technology industries. It offers a robust and cost-effective package to house power equipment, batteries, and telecommunications equipment. Additionally, the cabinet can be equipped with wireless components, optical fiber, TV cable, DSL, and WLAN applications.

To ensure the optimal performance of the equipment, the cabinet features heating management units that maintain the microclimate inside at the desired level. For temperatures below 10°C, heaters are integrated, while temperatures above 25°C are regulated by fans and integrated air-to-air heat exchangers.

The specific cooling capacity of the cabinet is about 22W/K, which may vary depending on the speed of the fans. The heat exchangers operate on a 48 VDC input power, with a total of 30W for 4 fans (maximum of 7.5W per fan).

This outdoor cabinet offers a reliable and adaptable solution for various industry-specific requirements, ensuring the protection and optimal functionality of essential equipment.