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Introducing our high-quality filter grades: G2, G3, G4 (EN779), EU2, EU3, EU4 (EUROVENT), specifically designed for efficient particle filtration with a minimum size of 5μm. Our filters are built to withstand high temperatures, with the polyester fiber models capable of resisting up to 120°C, and the glass fiber models up to 350℃. Additionally, our filters boast excellent tolerance to humidity, with a maximum relative humidity of 100% accepted.

With varying filtration efficiencies of 75%, 85%, and 95% (in accordance with ASHRAE52.1-1992), our filters ensure optimal air quality in a multitude of applications. They are ideal for use in clean room conditioning systems, functioning as pre-filters for fresh air venting units and external air conditioning connections. Moreover, they are perfect for primary filtration in central air conditioning systems and pre-filtration for air purification equipment.

Our filters are also well-suited for primary filtration within filtration systems, providing an extra layer of protection. They can be utilized in ventilation systems for outdoor and demanding environments, delivering superior performance. Furthermore, they excel in pre-filtration for outdoor fire-proof and high-temperature resistance working conditions.

Choose our filters to significantly improve the air quality in your systems and ensure reliable and efficient operation.

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