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Our tooling engineers and designers at Philplast have extensive experience in creating blow molds and injection molds for various industries. We specialize in producing molds for plastic articles, both for in-house use and for external clients.

Our team can handle the entire process, from design to production, and we can also work with 3D documentation provided by the client. We have a dedicated tooling department equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machines, ensuring high-performance and precision in mold production.

For blow molds, we can accommodate articles with a volume of up to 20 liters. Our injection molds have maximum dimensions of 546 x 896mm and a weight limit of 2,500kg.

To maintain the highest quality standards, all molds produced for use in Philplast undergo rigorous testing on our machines. Our commitment to quality ensures that our molds meet the highest standards and deliver exceptional performance.

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